Sunday, November 06, 2005

What Sorte of Black Magick Be This?

Or maybe it should be "What Sorte of Raspberry Sorbet Magick Be This"?:
Friday morning while I was hanging out at the knitting store (yep, that's the kind of free time I have these days) Jessica was pulling out all kinds of lovely new colors of the Soft-Kid. There was a beautiful blue, a gorgeous green and the prettiest pink-purple I've ever seen. It's not quite as dark as in the picture--it really does look just like a fresh tasty bowl of raspberry sorbet.

How could I resist that gorgeous color for my ribbed-cable scarf? Especially since I was having so much trouble with the black? So off with the black, on with the raspberry sorbet!

And you know what? The yarn actually seems different. It's fluffier, and lighter, and you can really see the rib and the stitches.
Even on the skein, the black looks tighter and smaller. You can see the difference when you compare the skeins:See how much fluffier the raspberry is? See how tight and anal the black is? I know it's harder to see a pattern with black yarn, but this was like the black hole of black yarns. I'm so much happier now. My friends around the knitting table at the Knitting Workshop will be much happier, too, without having to listen to my constant complaining.

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