Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Some Progress

Look what's finally blocking:
It's the sleeves! Now all I have to do is sew it together and knit a 10-inch collar and she's done! Here's a closeup of the sleeve bottom. It's an easy pattern and I think it looks pretty good:
Now I want to finish Anya. I really want to start something new, but I'm going to try to wait until I have a couple more projects finished. I still have some scarves to finish by the end of the week so I'll be concentrating on those. I'll be glad when that rush is over and I can go back to just working on them a little here and there.

This weekend I saw Good Night, and Good Luck, and I thought it was excellent. David Straitharn is one of my favorite actors and he did an incredible job as Edward R. Murrow. The rest of the cast was just as good. The movie was subtle in the way it presented the issues it was addressing, especially the way women were treated in the workplace in those days. Of course there were the obvious political issues of McCarthysim, freedom of speech, the interaction between politics and television, and the impact of commercialism and entertainment on broadcast journalism, but I also liked the way Clooney presented the women in the movie. I don't know if it was intentional or not ( I hope it was) but the women were presented as realistically as I've ever seen in a period where they were mostly invisible. I highly recommend it.

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