Tuesday, November 29, 2005

She's Baaaaaack!

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Mine was great. Full of family, food, and knitting.

Here's what I knit today on the drive to San Antonio then the plane to Chicago:

Bonne Marie and Theresa have infected me with the urge to make socks. I finally finished the first Lorna's Laces sock (pictures later) and decided to cast this on instead of fighting with the lace pattern of the second sock on the plane.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I'm scrounging up some dinner now and then I have to get ready for my rough work week--three classes and I'm working Saturday at the shop.

I hope to get back to regular posting tomorrow.

(I don't see the option that lets me change the time to the correct time. I'm posting this at 7:13 P.M. Chicago time on Tuesday, Nov. 29. I'm curious to see what time Blogger says I'm posting. Gotta love that Blogger.)

1 comment:

Bonne Marie said...

I am on a sock knitting bender! I can't get enough of it - am just going round and round, teeheeheeeeeeeeeeeee....

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