Saturday, October 22, 2005

That's Funny . . . I Thought You Wanted My Business

Tonight one of my friends took me to Trader Joe's (Fire-Roasted Sweet corn! Frozen Organic Brown Rice! Anti-oxidant Nut and Berry Mix!). Afterwards, we decided to go to Joann's new location. It turns out they just moved two doors down into a bigger space. I guess with the scrapbooking, knitting, cardmaking, and other craft explosions they're seeing more business. As most knitter are wont to do (and you know who you are), I ran across a pattern for a crocheted grocery bag on the label of some Sugar and Cream yarn and decided I must buy the yarn because all of a sudden I couldn't think of anything I needed more than some hand-crocheted grocery bags. So I grabbed up some balls and the kind of stitch holders I like and we headed up to the checkout area.

So I get to the register and the very nice young lady starts ringing me up. As she's scanning the balls of yarn she asks if I have a coupon. Coupon? I ask. Yes, she says, for 50% off the regular price (I should mention here that more than half of the items in the store were already on sale). I tell her I don't have one and ask where I can find one. She points to the flyers on the wall and says there might be one in there. So I go get one and bring it back to her. She flips through it and doesn't find it. So now I'm thinking how much do I want these balls of yarn and stitch holders, especially when I could be getting them for 50% off if I only had that coupon in my hand. And I realize, I don't want the stuff that much. So I tell her to forget it unless she can find me a coupon. So she calls some guy over (the manager, I guess) and asks him if they have any of the coupons. He says no. I smile, say OK then, no thanks, and walk out of the store.

And saved myself 100%.

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