Friday, October 21, 2005

Go Astrox!

I'm really not that much of a sports fan although I do enjoy the occasional baseball game. If I had to pick a Chicago team, I'd say I'm a North Side Girl so must support the Cubs. But being a Chicagoan, I'm happy the White Sox made it to the playoffs and are in the World Series.

However . . . I was born in Houston and my earliest baseball memories involve family outings (and they were O-U-T-I-N-G-S) to the new Astrodome--the "Eighth Wonder of the World" as they called it at the time--to watch the Astros. It was better than the circus and no animals were hurt. Unless you count the time they had the cow milking contest during the Seventh Inning Stretch.

Unfortunately, they mostly lost. Then there was the time in the early '80s ('81?) when they almost made the playoffs, when I was living in Austin. Me, my housemates, and various boyfriends were all gathered in front of the TV in the den and every time Pete Rose did *anything* Peggy's boyfriend Ron would yell "PETE ROSE EAT SH*T AND DIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!" Needless to say it had absolutely no effect and the Phillies went on to . . . the playoffs, I guess. I told you I wasn't much of a sports fan.

So I suppose I will always be an Astros fan at heart. I'd love to see them win. But I'll be just as happy if the Sox win.

I didn't knit much today. This evening I went to a dinner at La Piazza in Forest Park. It was an incredible meal with beautiful presentations. I had zucchini flowers stuffed with a goat cheese and olive spread then fried tempura style--yum! Then for my entree I had fettucine with lobster tails in a cognac and shallot cream sauce--molte benne! Add a cosmo and several glasses of wine and you have a pret-near-perfect dining experience.

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