Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Not Exactly Twiddling My Thumbs

Day two of not working at my old job. Yesterday I slept until 9:30, then got up and started working on some finishing I'm doing for the shop. It felt strange to be home during the day without being sick or it being a holiday. Today was the same.

Not that I'm being idle. I'm teaching Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and Friday and Saturday mornings. This afternoon I met Lynda at the hair salon and we had our hair done--a cut that was long overdue for me. I cut my hair on average once a year. Not because I want to grow it out; that's just how often I get around to it.

I finished Lorene today. I'm not sure the buttons are aligned right, but I'm going to wait for someone else to take a look before I decide I need to resew them. It took me almost a week to get the damned things done. I kept getting interrupted.

What's still on the needles: Mavis for the store, Anya for me, the last pair of socks I started on my bus rides to work, and as many scarves as I can make to try to sell at craft fairs next month.

And since I don't have any pictures, I leave this kaleidescope for you to play with.

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