Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sleepytime Gal

I was going to post something last night but I went to sleep instead. Had one of those ten-hour sleeps where the last couple of hours is composed of weird dreams that are all designed to make you wake up feeling doomed, depressed, and like you've done something really, really bad. So I threw some laundry in the machine downstairs. Doing something productive always makes me feel better.

I got a ride home from the knitting shop yesterday and it was a good thing--the slight drizzle that we walked through to get to the car turned into a full-fledged rainstorm on the way home, culminating in hail just as we got to my door! That just doesn't happen that often in Chicago. We thought the game might get cancelled, but apparently they were able to play and I guess the Sox won, judging by the news this morning. I slept through it.

Needless to say, I also didn't knit much last night. Yesterday at the shop I worked on the second sleeve of Mavis. I have about nine inches of stockinette to do before I shape the cap, then I'm ready to put her together. It's going to be really pretty.

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