Saturday, October 15, 2005

So I Lied . . .

But you didn't really think I wasn't going to start anything new, did you?

One of my project class students is making this pattern from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation; it's called Hurry Up Spring Arm Warmers. She started them Monday night and brought them in this morning to work on them. They looked so cute that I decided I just had to make some myself. And even though I have tons of Kureyon at home, I couldn't wait and had to get some right then and there (and needles and the book, which I'm surprised I don't already have--I could have sworn I already bought it). See just how deep the sickness goes?

Here's the evidence:
It's not the best picture. The closeup's a little better:It's a lot of fun. But the pattern is wrong in the book. Two of the symbol definitions are mixed up, and it matters. You can find the corrections here (Click on the link below "Ooops I Knit it Again"). Apparently, there are are mistakes on several of the patterns.

This is the second time in as many weeks that I've found a mistake in a pattern I've been trying to work out with a student. The first was a beautiful cable cardigan pattern in an old Vogue Knitting International. The two of us pored over the chart for over an hour trying to figure out where to start. There was supposed to be a nineteen-stitch pattern repeat, but the black lines indicating the repeat didn't line up with any visible pattern, and try as we might we couldn't get to the correct number of stitches. We added, subtracted, divided, counted little graph squares until our eyes glazed over.

Finally, I said "Look. We're two reasonably intelligent adults. If we're not figuring this out, there's something else wrong." So I went online and sure enough, they had redone the entire chart in the errata section. Let's hear it for the internet!

So if you're struggling with a pattern and just can't make the numbers work, check out the source. Chances are good you'll find a correction.

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