Friday, July 07, 2006

Pinto Beans and (no) Brown Rice

This is what the pinto beans and brown rice I wrote about here usually looks like. I like it better with the tomato in it--it freshens up the taste. The jalapeno I used in this batch had a lot of seeds and is super spicy. I did not make rice this time. Sometimes I just eat the beans by themselves.

That old rule about combining different foods to make complete proteins doesn't mean you have to eat them at the same time. That's an old myth that was debunked a few years ago. If you eat them within the same day you get the same benefit. So I don't worry as much about being sure to always combine grains and protein at every meal. So the oatmeal I have for breakfast almost every morning combines with the beans to make a complete protein.

As for the What's in Your Pantry section, the only thing I did not have on hand was the cilantro I bought. I will be using the rest of that this weekend to make my first batch of salsa for the year.

I forgot to add the What's in Your Pantry section for yesterday's post. For the hummus, I had everything on hand except the lemons I bought Thursday. I'm almost out of tahini, though, so it's going on my list for my next major grocery store trip.

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