Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Heat Has Done Me In

We're in the middle of a heat wave in Chicago. And anyone who knows me knows how much I hate the heat. Hate it hate it hate it. Oh, and did I mention that I HATE IT?

When it's this hot, I can't even think about cooking. Mary and I went to Kamehachi for dinner last night. I used to work right down the street from them, so I would get to go pretty often. I haven't had sushi since I quit my job last October*, and I've been dreaming about it ever since. Now that I'm solvent again it was the first thing I wanted to eat. We started off with (obligatory) edamame, beef with asparagus for Mary and crab shumai for me, all excellent as usual. Then Mary had a spicy shrimp roll, I opted for the tropical roll special, and we shared a spicy scallop roll. It was all delicious, but next time I think I'll skip the big roll and get more nigiri sushi. I missed the tuna, red snapper, and unagi.

Last time Mary and I went to Kamehachi, they had the most excellent creme brulee for dessert, so we decided we would splurge and get some if they had it on the menu again. They didn't, so we were good and had no dessert. It's easier to be good when there's nothing whispering your name.

We stopped at The Spice House on the way to the restaurant. I'll show you my goodies later.

I'm getting ready to head on over to the knit shop so I can spend a cool day knitting. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter so I don't expect to be doing much cooking/blogging until Tuesday at the earliest.

I did write a review for Herbs & Spices: The Cook's Reference, by Jill Norman, which should be up on Foodbound in the next couple of days. I'll give you a head's up.

*Ooops, I lied. I just remembered that I went twice for lunch with Lynda to the restaurant near the bookstore, but that was a while ago so I had forgotten. But it's been long enough for me to feel really, really deprived.

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