Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pineapple Upsidedown Upsidedown Cake

Today is Mary's birthday, and she has recently become allergic to chocolate. So I decided to make her a Pineapple Upsidedown Cake, because she had mentioned a fondness for it. I used to have a really good recipe, but I haven't used it since before I moved to Chicago from Austin and I haven't been able to find it. It's super easy and it always works, too.

Which is a shame, because the recipe I found online was a little bit of a disaster. Up there is how it looked when I took it out of the oven. Basically ok, but if you look closely at the edges you can see signs of potential trouble. But I decided to brave it out, and turned the cake out of the skillet onto a plate.
Where two-thirds of it stayed in the pan. Damn. So I grabbed a spatula and scraped it out and piled it on top of what was on the plate. Not terribly pretty, but still edible.

But how to get it from the plate to something in which I could bring it to Mary? A cake pan seemed like it might work, if I could somehow manage to slide the cake off the plate so it would stay right-side (upsidedown side) up:
From bad to worse. The cake stayed home; the pictures went with me so I could show her that I at least tried.

We had dinner at The Red Apple. One of the best deals in Chicago.

Happy Birthday Mary! I'll keep looking for that recipe.

Today is also Yamilett's birthday. Happy Birthday Yam!


Anonymous said...

oh heck, at least you tried. :)

baking can be really hit or miss sometimes.

dejamo said...

Yes it can be hit or miss. I think this recipe was too fancy. I got it off of (can't remember if it was Bon Appetit or Gourmet), and there was a lot more potschky-ing (sp?) to it than I remember from the recipe I used in the past. It's just a basic yellow cake recipe that you pour on top of pineapples and bake. I'm sure I'll find it eventually if I keep on looking. Or, I could probably just make a basic yellow cake recipe and pour it over pineapple slices.

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