Sunday, December 18, 2005

Nothing But the Finest For Me

It's citrus season and I'm a happy camper. Ever since I discovered clementines at my brother's house in Austin a couple of years ago I can hardly wait until they make their appearance in the grocery stores.

But as delicious as they are, there's another citrus that stands out miles above the rest. It's the Texas Ruby Red grapefruit, and no other grapefruit can compare. The flesh is a deep red and it's naturally sweet and juicy. I don't even waste time with other kinds--it's Texas Ruby Red or nothing.
Accept no substitutes. Lately, I've been noticing that there are grapefruits showing up that are calling themselves Ruby, but they're grown in Florida. Florida, for pete's sake! While they can grow a mean tangerine in Florida, their grapefruit's a fraud.

I just had one (that one right there in the picture). Yum!

Did I mention there wasn't going to be much knitting going on here for a while? I'm still working on a couple of things and I've started finishing a sweater or two, but nothing new.


Anonymous said...

The most important grapefruit question, with sugar or without?

dejamo said...

Without. That's the beauty of these beauties. They're plenty sweet all by their little ol' lonesomes.

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