Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Damn You, Damn You All

And you know who you are . . . You've been after me for days with your unceasing whining and wheedling and you've shamelessly exploited my inability to withstand the pernicious power of peer pressure. I held out as long as I could, and then . . .

. . . I caved. I couldn't help it. I was flipping through channels last night to see what was on since there were no Law and Order episodes playing anywhere (anywhere! How wrong is that?!) and woe is me--I lingered too long on Bravo--long enough to discover they were about to show the outcome of the "make an outfit from what you're wearing to this here party" assignment on Project Runway.

Now I ask you, how could I resist? It's all I've been hearing about for the past week. So I saw the leather jacket that got cut up, and I saw the beautiful turquoise and black dress that won, and I saw the dress that wasn't long enough in the back (what the ?????).

And now I have to face the ugly fact that I'll be back to see what happens next. Thanks to all my friends, I'm stuck.

But I refuse to remember any of their names.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you'll remember. Some day we will talking about the show and the next thing you know you will be name-checking one of the Angelino boy-posse and I will laug and laugh, knowing that your soul has now joined mine, perpetually in the outer darkness, and then I chant-
"One of Us, one of Us..."

Corinne said...

It's my favorite show! I love when Heidi Klum says aufweidersein!
Dare I say what she sounds like? Bravo is one of my favorite channels--I wish I knew what happened to that show Things I Hate About You, hosted my Mo Rocca, which was on Bravo last year. So funny, the title just cracks me up.

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