Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Austin Update (Knitting and Otherwise)

I thought I'd be able to post a lot more while I was down here, but I'm wasting my time doing stupid things like visiting with my family, playing games, going for walks, and knitting, of course. So I probably won't be posting that often. I'm taking lots of pictures with my brother's digital camera, though, so be warned--lots of boring "Come on over and watch our vacation slides" will be coming, here if I have the chance or once I get back to Chicago.

I can show you what I've been up to, though. As for knitting,
these are the socks I started at Midway waiting for the plane.
This is how much I had done by the time I got to Austin. I've worked on them a little since (although most of my knitting time has been taken up with knitting hats for my niece and nephew. My niece's is done and it's really cute. My nephew's is almost done and it's pretty cute. I'll show pictures later.

As for otherwise, I have this crazy friend in Chicago who seems to think she'll feel better about how cold it is up there if I show you all what it's like down here. So please don't think I'm trying to make you feel bad by showing you how absolutely GORGEOUS it's been down here, okay? And when I tell you that it's been averaging high 70s in the middle of the day and then cooling off to the mid 50s at night, please remember that I have been asked to rub your noses in this splendiferous weather and would otherwise have kept quiet about it.

If you're weather sensitive, you might want to stop reading (and looking) now.

The day after I got to Austin (Friday the 23rd), it was so nice and warm we decided it was a good day to take a walk around the lake (Town Lake, which is the divide between North and South Austin). Here's a view of the lake:

And here's a closer look:
If that doesn't give you a good enough idea of how warm it is here, take a look at these here cacti:
And if that still doesn't give you an idea, I guess I have to pull out all the stops:
Yep, that's me enjoying all this warm sunshine, standing under those green oak trees. Where's my hat? Where's my scarf? Where are my mittens? I don't need them!!!!!!!!!

But I'm not the ultimate sun worshipper, not by a long shot. This here's the quintessential Austinite on a December afternoon:
But before you loop that noose and string it around your neck, let me tell you Austin's not all that perfect. There is one problem they have that just might be worse than in Chicago.



BertandFelix said...

LOL!!! I am so jealous! Warm...hummm. Just wait till you come home to Chicago. I am so glad you are having a good time. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

No one hates you.
No one.
No one is so bitterly jealous that they wish those pigeons...
No one.

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