Monday, May 24, 2010

Asparagus and Piave Cheese Omelette

Summer is approaching and the Green Market moved back outdoors last week. That means lots of asparagus, rhubarb and spinach right now. Sometimes I will blanch the asparagus as soon as I get it home. I'll cook it for a scant two to three minutes so it's ready if I want to make something on the fly.

Like this asparagus and piave cheese omelette. I needed a quick breakfast, and I had eggs, the asparagus all ready to go, and some grated piave, of which up until a few months ago I had never heard. I was at the Lincoln Park Zoo Whole Foods waiting for the rest of my knitting group to arrive and I was wandering around the cheese section. I love to browse through there as much to see what interesting new cheese I can find as to see how long it takes for one of the two (sometimes more) hip young cheesemongers to acknowledge me. Ha ha, I am only joking - they never acknowledge me!

But they do occasionally have samples of cheese, which I am eager to taste. I don't know a lot about cheese, but I want to know more and I am always on the lookout to try new kinds. And one night I tried something that was quite tasty and I thought about buying some but decided to wait until the next week. And then promptly forgot what it was. I knew it started with a "P" and tasted like a milder, younger, creamier parmigiano reggiano but that was all I could remember. I knew I would recognize it if I saw it again, though, so I checked every week to see if I could find it, but they never had it on display again and there are too many cheeses there for it to be practical to search cheese by cheese.

A few weeks ago I got lucky. It was on sale so there was a bigger sign than usual. Piave Cheese. I snatched some up and brought it home with me. It was quite good on pasta and pizzas, and it disappeared quickly, except for a last little bit that I had pre-grated that wasn't really enough for a meal. But it was the perfect amount for an omelette yesterday morning.

I am pleased with how my omelettes are turning out these days. I still follow my basic technique, but I am better at sticking to my less-is-more theory and not filling them so full that they fall apart when I try to plate them.

I had half a shallot in the refrigerator that I chopped and sauteed with a little butter. I beat two eggs with a splash of water (and yes, a scant teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce - you don't want to use too much because it can give your omelette a brownish tinge that is most unattractive) and salt and pepper to taste and added them to the pan. When the eggs were just about set, I laid the asparagus and cheese over the middle, then folded over one side and let it sit for a minute or so. Then I grabbed the handle of the pan and slid the omelette onto the plate, turning it so that the third side folded over the already-folded part.

A delicious breakfast, to be sure.

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