Monday, February 20, 2006

Some Knitting

I hope everyone had a nice President's Day, even those of you who had to work. It sure seems like more people have to work on federal holidays now than in the past. Sucks.

I've mostly been working on finishing lately, but I do have something new to show you:
You may remember the yarn--it started life a couple of weeks ago as the Yoga Wrap designed by Adrienne Vittadini from the winter Vogue Knitting. I had knit about four repeats of the lace pattern when I realized that I just wasn't getting into it, and I didn't like the way the yarn was draping. Then I was looking through the winter Interweave Knits and rediscovered the 4-3-2 Ribbed Pullover. I'm just past the V-neck separation on the front. Here's a closeup:
The actual color of this yarn is between these two shades, but the one above is closer than the closeup. Blues are really hard to capture in artificial light.

This is going pretty fast, and I think the yarn really holds up to this pattern.


Anonymous said...

That color is amazing.
And so was 24 tonight, for a change.

dejamo said...

Whoah, baby!

And I was so pleasantly surprised to see my favorite started-out-so-sexy/edgy-
sleazy Pretty-Britboy Julian Sands out to destry the Russians!

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