Friday, February 10, 2006

D-Day Minus One

Jammie's almost done. I finally finished the collar and I've sewed the right side and sleeve seams. All I have left is the other side and about a hundred ends to weave in. Here's a shot with the sewn side and cuff:
It's a big puppy. The collar was supposed to be 24 cm., then folded in half, but I figured that would just swallow me up so I bound off after 17 cm. I'm not all that fond of turtlenecks and usually convert most necklines to a crew neck, but I didn't think that would work out that well for this pattern so I decided to go ahead and make the turtleneck. The 17 cm. gives me just enough volume. It's a little tight, but I don't feel like I'm being buried alive.

Here's a closer shot of the collar:
I really like the way this sweater feels. It's thick and carries a lot of heft, but it's not overly heavy, which is good considering how much yarn there is. It's going to keep me nice and warm on Saturday.


BertandFelix said...

You met our challenge! I am done with my sweater too...but don't have the buttons. Does that count?

Love the sweater! It looks nice and comfy!

dejamo said...

Of course it counts--especially if I get to help you find the buttons.

Thanks. It is comfortable. It's really really soft. Too bad Magpie is discontinued.

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