Sunday, September 18, 2005


I finshed the front of Mavis and look what's on my blocking table:
(click on images to enlarge)
I think the colors are fairly true, although they're not as vivid in the photos. Now I just have to do the sleeves and it's done.

I'm still loving this yarn, but I've run into a couple of knots in the two skeins I've used so far. I guess when you have something with this much yardage it's inevitable, but it's a little frustrating because each time there's a knot it changes the colorway a little. As it turned out, I like how it worked on the top front, but it could have been a problem.

I'm going to spend the day in the knitting shop. I worked there yesterday, so today I get to just sit and knit. (It's not that I don't get to sit and knit a lot anyway when I'm working, but I try to work on stuff for the store when I'm on the clock. Today I'll work on my own projects.)

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Corinne said...

That's my favorite design from that book! I want to make it, in Silk Garden. I just need to find the time!

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