Saturday, September 03, 2005

How Cute Is This?

I'm so pleased! I just finished a child's hooded sweater knitted in Fleece. Here it is lying on my table. It's the first hood I've made. I enjoyed sewing down the flap on the hood for the drawstring to go through, and I was a little relieved that I was able to pull the drawstring through with a tapestry needle without too much trouble.

The fleece was a little hard to work with. It's not very forgiving, and the fluff was slightly different on each color. But I'm pleased with the overall effect.

And so you can get the full effect, I've also taken a picture of it standing up. (That's a clementine orange crate inside it, so it won't look exactly like that on a real child.) Here's that shot:
The back has the same four-color square as the front. The sleeve fronts were supposed to match up with the top front colors, but I screwed up on the cast-on. I usually make the first row the wrong side, so when I cast on and knit the sleeves, the colors ended up being reversed. But I kind of like it like this. It adds to the patchwork quality of the sweater.

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BertandFelix said...

So cute!!

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