Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Food Revolution Summit

If you do not know about the Food Revolution Summit coordinated by John and Ocean Robbins, you should check it out.  It started this past Saturday and runs through the week.  You can catch the replays for a short time here:  http://summit2016.foodrevolution.org/replays/

I was somewhat skeptical when I first started listening, but I have been impressed with what I have heard so far.

The replays won't be up for long, so if you have any interest at all you should check it out NOW.

1 comment:

Sara R. Thornhill said...

Oh, I attended this event! I was just delighted with it! Unfortunately, my impressions were slightly spoiled by the fact that at the hotel that day I had to fill out divorce papers https://onlinedivorcewa.com/filing-for-divorce-in-whatcom-county/
But if such an event takes place again, I will definitely go!

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