Thursday, July 18, 2013

Green City Market

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted anything.  I've been busier than usual these past few months and days will pass before I even think about it.

But as I have mentioned in recent posts, I am still active in the kitchen and when things settle down again I have quite a few dishes collected that I would love to share.

In the meantime, the Green City Market is in full swing, as you can see by my recent haul above.  The lettuce, radishes and tomato were bought for salads.  I cooked the beets and added to salads as well; I sauteed the beet greens with onions and garlic and combined them with orzo and parmesan cheese for a truly delicious quick supper (one of the things I plan to post about when I have some time).  I added some of the cherries to yogurt for breakfast and then ate the rest out of hand - yum.  That's a beautiful cabbage hiding behind the beets and potatoes, part of which I used for my first attempt at stuffed cabbage rolls and will definitely repeat.  The rest of the cabbage and the potatoes went together for another skillet cabbage and potato saute for my weekend breakfast (sans sausage, but only because I did not have any on hand).

I have been working hard to not bring home more than I can handle, although it is difficult.  The lettuce, radishes, and tomatoes were planned.  The potatoes and cherries were on the maybe list.  The beets and cabbage were not on the radar at all, but were so beautiful I had to bring them home with me.  That's how I roll these days.

I am eager to see what goodies I will find this weekend!

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