Friday, October 19, 2012

Aloo Gobi Redux

The last (and only) time I made this dish I was pleased with it, but it was more dry than I had expected it to be.  That was most likely because I used twice as much cauliflower and potato as the recipe required but did not increase the amounts of the rest of the ingredients.

This time, I used the amounts of cauliflower and potato that was called for in the recipe, and even added the extra ounce or two of tomato that was in the jar I was using.  I was pleased with the result.  The smaller proportion of vegetables allowed the spices to shine in a way they had not done in the earlier version.

But I still like the earlier dish.  In that one, the cauliflower and potato were the main stars and they were delicious.  In this version, all of the ingredients blended together into a more integrated meal that was delicious when scooped up with fresh chapatis.

So here is what I have concluded.  The earlier version would make a lovely side dish for a meal that featured meat.  This version makes a lovely meal in itself, especially when paired with chapatis or rice.

I got this recipe from the October 2011 issue of  Saveur  Magazine.  You can find it here.  For a drier version that highlights the cauliflower and potato, double those two ingredients.  For the wetter, main dish version, follow the recipe as written.

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