Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vegetable Fried Rice with Shallots

The fried shallots were so successful with my bok choy stir fry that I decided to use them in my next batch of fried rice. I was out of green onions and looking for a substitute and they were the perfect accompaniment. This time I used 2 shallots, though, and put half into the rice and saved the rest for garnishing.

The other difference with this fried rice dish is that I had a few leftover canned tomatoes from an earlier dish that I needed to use. I thought they would make a nice addition to the dish. They did add a nice tang of flavor and a splash of color.

I love these "everything but the kitchen sink" kind of dishes, where you basically use whatever you have around and it all tastes good. I still have a fourth of a Chinese cabbage and a bunch of asparagus in the refrigerator. I see another fried rice in my future!

You can find my basic recipe here.

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