Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Taco Bell Dorito Taco

Apparently, people all over the country have been clamoring for a Taco Bell crispy taco with a Nacho Dorito shell. It looks like the wait is over, at least on a trial basis in some California cities:

The story was reported here in the LA Times. There was a pre-trial trial in Ohio, of all places, where it was reviewed by this lover of food:

His main reaction? It tastes like a taco. Duh. He was not impressed. The shell does not seem to be actually made of doritos to him. It tastes like a regular crispy taco shell with the nacho cheese flavoring. They would probably have been better off leaving the taco alone and putting smashed up doritos inside of it. Perhaps that would have satisfied the discerning palates who have been salivating for this food gem.

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