Monday, June 14, 2010

Ad of the Week Update: Hershey's Chocolate

Remember this Hershey's ad? The one that asks the question "What makes a Hershey's bar pure?" Back when they were first airing this commercial, I was happy to provide one answer with this post. In short, it wasn't the chocolate. For the past several years, Hershey's has been using the emulsifier and extender PGPR on their products, including their trademark milk chocolate bar.

It looks like someone may have pointed out that people were becoming aware of the hypocrisy (and borderline misrepresentation) of their claim that their chocolate was still pure. Being the responsible, quality-conscious company that they are, they have addressed the problem.

:sigh: No, they didn't take all of the crap out of their chocolate. They changed the commercial. Now, the voice-over asks: "What makes Hershey's so special?" and ends with the phrase "pure Hershey." No dishonesty there.

And still no chocolate either.

I suppose they have done me a favor. It's easy to hold out against those chocolate cravings when what were some of my favorite chocolate bars are no longer chocolate.

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