Saturday, July 18, 2009

Enough Already

I had a bad feeling about the future of Project Runway when I heard that Lifetime won the Lawsuit and the right to host the program. I know Lifetime is trying to change their image and be edgier, but it's like watching Olivia Newton-John's transition from good girl to disco queen in Grease - no matter what she does, she's just never going to be cool.

And no matter what Lifetime does, it's never going to be edgy. And I'm afraid it's going to soften the edges of Project Runway, and not in a good way. The promo has confirmed my fears. It looks like it's trying too hard to convince middle America that the show is really, really, good - not scary or arty or gay at all. And the tag line. "It's a Good Thing." Really? That's the best they could do? Martha Stewart should sue their asses.

But you know a show is in trouble when it hasn't even aired yet and you're already sick of the contestants. They've been airing little bios of the designers all week, and it looks like they will continue to do so until the show airs. Guess what? They all knew they wanted to be designers from the moment they popped out of the womb. Wow.

I'll watch the first episode to see if I'm right (even though I know I am). But I think I'll stick with The Fashion Show, which has been growing on me, I must admit.

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