Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's Not Because You're Pregnant, Stacey

Last month in the Wednesday knitting class, the discussion turned to food, as it often does. And Stacey was telling us that since she has been pregnant she cannot get enough of Ben & Jerry's Banana Split ice cream. To which we all politely replied, "Um . . . hmmm." Not being a fan of banana splits, I could not imagine how banana split ice cream could possibly be an improvement. And our lukewarm (at best) response made Stacey question whether it was her tastebuds or her hormones that was driving her desire for that particular flavor.

So to our holiday party, in addition to all the wonderful goodies she and everyone else brought, she brought a pint of Banana Split ice cream for each of us to take home with us so we could help her figure it out. Since I was leaving town that Friday, I threw it in the freezer and forgot about it.

Until I had been back home for a couple of days after the new year. I don't even remember what I was doing, or with what my mind was occupied, when from straight out of nowhere I heard a clear voice say inside my head, "You have ice cream in the freezer." And that was all it took. I grabbed a spoon and the carton and sat down to do some research.

The banana ice cream was almost enough to make me turn back, but I felt obligated to help Stacey in her research. I hesitantly put a spoonful in my mouth. And what do you know? It was good. Really good. Finish-the-whole-pint-in-one-sitting good. None of the flavors was that compelling on their own, but put together they were amazingly delicious.

So no, Stacey, it's not just because you're pregnant that this ice cream tastes so good.

Stacey had also brought a pint of Ciao Bella's blood orange sorbet for our party, which we did not get around to opening. So she gave that to me as well and into the freezer along with the ice cream it went. I did not get around to opening that up until a little while after the ice cream had disappeared.

When I was a little girl, one of the the big dessert treats around our house was orange or lime sherbet with Tang. I guess you could call it a precursor to the smoothie, although not a particularly healthy one. Outside of that, I was never that big a fan of sherbet - there was always something about the texture of it (at least the cheap brands that we had in our house) that was not at all fruity or refreshing to me, unless it was melted into a nice cold glass of Tang. I wasn't really that much of a Tang fan either, come to think of it, but combining them together somehow seemed to bring out the best in each. Besides, we didn't get dessert all that often so we took whatever we could. (Does that sound as pathetic to you as it does to me?)

As an adult, I rarely ate it and never bought it. Once in a while an unusual enough flavor would be on a dessert menu, and it was the best of a poor selection, so I would order it, eat a few spoonsful, and wistfully wonder if they had any Tang back in the kitchen. But other than that, I pretty much avoided it.

And then I had to go and open up this pint of blood orange sorbet. Crisp, cool, refreshing, I would eat this over any flavor of ice cream any day. Well, almost any day. Blood oranges are not as sweet as regular oranges and have a slightly bitter tang that works well as a frozen treat. And it does not have any of the thick gluggy mouth texture that the sherbets of my younger days all had.

It was so good, in fact, that I was jonesing for some more after I finished off the last delicious bite. I don't remember where she said she got it, but I was pretty sure I would not find it at my neighborhood Jewel and I was right. I had the hope that Treasure Island might carry it, and they did not disappoint. I may not always have ice cream in my freezer, but I'm pretty sure there will always be some Ciao Bella in there from here on out. They have more flavors, too. I can't wait to try them all!


Anonymous said...

i served my ice cream, at my birthday party, i had ONE bite of it. i thought it was great. then a couple of days later, i ask my parents where my ice cream was..... they replied. it's gone, we ate it.

debi, i was hyped when stacy said she brought ice cream for everyone, maybe you didn't hear me that night.

dejamo said...

You know I never really hear anything at class, even though I try :)

It was really good, wasn't it? I'm sorry you didn't get to have more than that one bite.

Jen said...

Mmm, ice cream. This post just reminded me that I haven't told you that I am pregnant again. Another boy due in May.

dejamo said...

Hey Jen, that's great. Thanks for letting me know and congratulations!

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