Saturday, July 14, 2007

Find of the Week - Sweet Olive Oil Tortas with Cranberry Port Goat Cheese

The Big Apple Market on Clark Street is quickly becoming one of my favorite grocery stores. They have an amazingly broad range of items for such a small store and I often find little surprises in all of the aisles. My most recent discovery is Las Legitimas y Acreitadas Tortas de Ines Rosales. You really should click on the link; they have a most impressive website.I had never heard of these before, but I first saw them a couple of weeks ago on the sweets table at the front of the store. By the fourth time I saw them I knew I had to try them. So I bought a package, along with some cranberry cinnamon goat cheese, and brought it home with me.

Each torta is individually wrapped, so I opened one up and took a test bite. Crisp but not too crunchy, a little greasy from the olive oil, a little sweetness almost immediately eclipsed by the sharp pungent bite of anise - it was delicious. And when paired with the goat cheese, sublime.
My plan was to just have that first taste, and then later I would make one to photograph, but somehow they all disappeared before I could take a shot. So I have sacrificed for you, dear readers, and bought another package just so I can show you what they look like.

They were out of the cranberry cinnamon goat cheese I had bought to go with the first batch so I settled for the cranberry port wine goat cheese (more sacrifices for you, dear reader). It was even better. Next time I will go to Pastoral to find a nice Spanish cheese to go with it so I can stay true to the region.

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