Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm Getting Pretty Good At This

I had a grand old time Sunday. In addition to the hard boiled eggs, I cooked some. I made a black bean and walnut salad and bought a big old bag of corn tortillas to go with it. I bought bananas, cherries and grapes. And I wandered over to the Asian grocer down the street and bought some gailan, some other leafy green thing, and a japanese eggplant.

For dinner I cooked up some gemelli and gailan with the Italian garlic I got at the green market a couple of weeks ago. I'm really mastering absorption pasta. Because the gailan is a little bitter, I decided to keep to an asian theme instead of using oregano, thyme or basil. I had some frozen chopped ginger that I added to the garlic, and I seasoned it with some Chinese five spice Yam left with me when she moved to Hong Kong. And for a final flourish, I topped it with some toasted sesame oil I also inherited from Yam. I cooked the pasta in chicken stock. It definitely tastes better, and comes out a little smoother and creamier, with stock instead of water. Someday soon I'm going to try it with the juice from a can of stewed tomatoes.

And true to my word, I took food to work with me. I had a peanut butter and whole wheat bread sandwich with milk for breakfast, followed by a banana. For lunch I had some red grapes and the pasta. Cherries made a lovely after-work snack.

Black bean and walnut salad with corn tortillas was dinner, along with--oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I made Gazpacho too!

We'd better not have another heat wave because I'm on a roll.

Oh, and has anyone else climbed another rung up (or is it down?) the geek ladder by watching "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?" It's like the stupidest thing in the world, and I'm totally hooked on it. Kind of like "Mr. Romance." These people are totally serious about their alter egos in a way that, when I'm not making fun of it, I'm kind of envious of. Passion is passion; we just each express it in our own little ways.


Anonymous said...

debi-i had to totally laugh, you had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

yesterday for my "work sandwich" i had a peanut butter and honey sandwich. what i'm looking for is something, someone can make in a matter of less than 5 mins, and can go in my bag, sometimes i have a turkey sandwich, but right now and for a while i have been turkeyed out.
glad to hear your cooking again!!!!!!

misreall said...

I have only seen the first episode of Superhero, but I loved it. Major Victory is awesome!

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