Thursday, June 22, 2006

Protest Starbucks Week (As If It Needed Just a Week)

I'm a little late to the table, but June 19-25th is the Organic Consumers Association National Week of Action to Protest Starbucks for their continued use of dairy products that contain rBGH and their continued lack of use of Fair Trade coffee.

As one of the nation's major dairy purchasers, Starbucks could have a major impact if they were to refuse to accept rBGH dairy products. Dean Foods, Walmart, and Kroger are among the nation's leading dairy providers who are starting to demand rBGH-free product from their farmers, thanks largely to consumer demands. If Starbucks were to join that group, the impact would be immense. The United States is one of the few (if not only) countries that does not ban the use of the bovine growth hormone.

And while Starbucks also gives lip service to using Fair Trade coffee, in reality fair trade only makes up about 3.7% of their total coffee usage.

So when you get your daily dose at Starbucks this week (if that's where you get your daily dose), ask for fair trade. They're obligated to make it for you if they don't already have it brewed (which they usually don't, apparently). And let them know how you feel about rBGH, both in person and online.


Anonymous said...

hey, i didn't know about the protest starbucks, i was just over there a couple of days ago, if i had known i would not have gone. Debi, it would be great i think if you added more boycott things and news about food companies and food related businesses. Blog is greating really good. always something interesting.

ps. i had no idea startbucks was using rBGH milk, i am not going to get anymore coffee drinks there, till they stop using it, but is it just in states that don't label it, i know in Wisconsin all milk is rBGH free.

dejamo said...

Thanks for your comments (and compliments) Nicole. I plan to add more food related issues as I have time to explore them.

I would imagine that if Wisconsin is rBGH free by law, then Starbucks would honor that. If it's not mandated by law, then I'm not so sure. You can probably find out by checking out the OCA link.

Thanks again for your comments!

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