Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Always Knew I Was A Dishrag

You are Dishcloth Cotton.You are a very hard worker, most at home when you're at home. You are thrifty and seemingly born to clean. You are considered to be a Plain Jane, but you are too practical to notice.
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Needle tip to Mary for this quiz.

When I was in high school I wrote a poem called "Life Is a Dishrag." I won't embarrass myself by posting it here (even if I could find it), but I was very proud of how well the metaphor worked when I wrote something along the lines of "grab hold of the dishrag of life and squeeze . . . squeeze . . . squeeze."

Apparently I was wrong. Life isn't a dishrag, *I* am. And while I don't find the above description very flattering, I have a horrible feeling it's pretty apt. Except for the thrifty and born to clean part--where did that come from?

The last, horrible irony? I actually have that yarn.


BertandFelix said...

LOL! Life is a dishrag...LOL!!! You know that very few things make me just bust out laugh...but that one did. You HAVE to find that poem.

misreall said...

Here is me- (or so they say)

You are Shetland Wool.
You are a traditional sort who can sometimes be a little on the harsh side. Though you look delicate you are tough as nails and prone to intricacies. Despite your acerbic ways you are widely respected and even revered.

misreall said...

Oh, and D? Did you see Top Chef last night? God how I hate Stephen.

dejamo said...

You said his name! Now I have to wash my blog!

dejamo said...

Oh, and Mary, I suppose I could try to find that poem for you. But then I would have to kill you. Or myself.

misreall said...

From now on we shall refer to him as "the tool."

dejamo said...

And "the douchebag." :sigh: I'm going to miss Candice.

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