Sunday, January 22, 2006

My New New Toy

This is the new microwave oven I bought in early November to replace my old one that broke. My old one, a teeny little "Well-Bilt" that I bought over ten years ago from Woolworth's, served me well until a little while ago when it started sparking and barking.

So when I went down to Best Buy to get a USB cable for my printer, I decided to check out their microwaves. I can live without one, but I don't want to. This was on sale for just a little bit more than the USB cable (and what's up with that?), so I bought it and brought it home with me. It was my new toy and I loved it.

So you can imagine my dismay when my pretty little new microwave blew a fuse only a couple of weeks after I bought it. I was getting ready to go out of town for the holidays and without a car it's a major hassle to take it in to exchange it, so I figured I'd deal with it after I got back.

So last week I finally got around to asking a friend to take me back to Best Buy so I could exchange. Wouldn't you know, they didn't have any more of my cute little model in stock. Alas, I was forced to upgrade. For just a few dollars more (literally), I came home with this:
It's big! It's powerful! It cooks at many many power levels!

And it's well grounded, so it should last a while.

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